Monday, July 21, 2014

Nothing is clean and everything is wonderful

I bought organic pureed pears for my daughter. (Yes, she's eating foods now!) We figure since she doesn't eat very much, we can fork out a little extra to give her the good stuff. Plus, a review of many, many studies says that organic produce really does have more nutrients than non-organic.

Like any good hippie parents, we took her to the farmers market this morning. We bought cheese curds, a plant and locally grown blue popcorn. Like bad parents, we forgot our daughter's sun hat. So our trip was short to avoid sunburn.

I came home to a house smelling like bacon from this morning's breakfast, and a kitchen full of dishes. I made lemonade. More dishes. Didn't empty the dishwasher. The dogs got into some food while we were gone. Mess. Everywhere mess and more mess.

I reached into my purse and grabbed the old light bulb I had in there for reference (I cannot find this stinking size of light bulb for anything.)
It was covered in pear mush.

At least it was organic.

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