Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Hot Mommy Tip #1

This is what I hope to be the first of many hot tips. Tell yer friends.

My husband reminded me this morning to send emails to our daughter.

That's weird. Send emails to our 6-month-old daughter.

We created an account for her within days of bringing her home. It was my sister's idea. But really, it's a good one. This way, we can make her gmail account one that doesn't have a long string of numbers because we already "snatched" the name. 

This is all assuming that Gmail is still a thing when our daughter is a job-seeking adult. Who knows if email will even be a thing. Who knows, who knows.

But on top of just sort of reserving the email address for her, it's a great way to write her letters as she grows. They'll all be dated and saved in the "cloud" or whatever the hell. I hope she'll be happy about this someday.

So go ahead, make a gmail account for your baby. Send him or her letters of love or just things about your day. Maybe email is the new baby book.

(Just make sure you can remember the password. Oops.)


  1. I did this for Garrity when she was born but forgot about it. This is prompting me to go figure out that password.

    1. Yeah! I think we linked her account to ours, or had one of ours as the backup to send forgotten passwords to. Thank goodness! Hope you get yours figured out. :)