Friday, July 18, 2014

Facebook Free

So, it's been about a week since I deleted my Facebook app.

I didn't delete my account, I don't want to go full-on hermit, but I got rid of the app on my phone. I realized I needed some space when I told my husband (in baby talk, get ready, this is embarrassing) "Wike my status."

I really wish I could say that was the first time. But hopefully, it was the last.

I realized I was caring too much about how many likes my status got. How many people could be bothered to say, yeah, I dig that, when I post a picture of my daughter or when I bemoan the traffic jam. By the way, baby pictures get SO many more likes than anything else. Am I hawking photos of my daughter in exchange for the illusion of internet popularity?

Why am I thinking so much about Facebook?

So, I held my thumb over the little blue square until the wobbling X appeared, and I clicked it. And then I said, yes, Delete. With a capital D. 

And then I started using Facebook via the Safari app. Baby steps, you guys.

It is better. This way, I don't get notifications that so-and-so's mom sent me another Candy Crush request. It doesn't tell me Facebook things in real time, which I think is an improvement. Yes, I still go on in my spare time, and yes, I spend more time on it than I'd like to, but I think my addiction is on its way out. Thankfully, when you consider this article about the sneaky, nasty, terrible things Facebook did with your news feed.

That article in particular made me realize, experiments or not, I was overly dependent on Facebook for my moods, my gauge of how people perceive me, or even, like me.

Maybe I'm not Facebook Free, completely, but it's better this way. Did you hear about that study? Does it change how you think about Facebook?

(By the way, go on Facebook and wike me. I still want everyone to like me. That will never change.)

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