Wednesday, July 30, 2014

10 Ways My Baby Made Motherhood Amazing Last Night

1. The way her feet tuck under her bum.
2. The way the feet of her footie pajamas are empty even though they fit perfectly, because her feet are tucked so close and so neatly.
3. The way this is how she lied in my womb.
4. The way this is how she was always comfortable.
5. The way this is how she was always perfect.
6. The way there's nothing that can take this moment away from me, staring into my daughter's room as she sleeps.
7. The way I'm resisting using heart emojis because I'm challenging myself to find the words.
8. The way there aren't words.
9. The way there never may be.
10. The way that's the most beautiful thing about being a mother, the way you can never know it until you feel it, the unspeakable. The silence. The love. My eyes close and stay closed. I've never needed so little sleep and never wanted so much of it.


  1. Laurie Hollman at Parental Intelligence -intelligence
    I will always remember the unspeakable moments of nursing my babies. Nothing is like it or better.

    1. There really isn't anything better! I was never sure when I'd wean, since I pump at work and all, but I'm going to keep nursing as long as possible. I don't know what I'd do without it!