Wednesday, July 30, 2014

10 Ways My Baby Made Motherhood Amazing Last Night

The way her feet tuck under her bum. The way the feet of her footie pajamas are empty even though they fit perfectly, because her feet are tucked so close and so neatly. The way this is how she lied in my womb. The way this is how she was always comfortable. The way this is how she was always perfect. The way there's nothing that can take this moment away from me, staring into my daughter's room as she sleeps. The way I'm resisting using heart emojis because I'm challenging myself to find the words. The way there aren't words. The way there never may be. The way that's the most beautiful thing about being a mother, the way you can never know it until you feel it, the unspeakable. The silence. The love. My eyes close and stay closed. I've never needed so little sleep and never wanted so much of it.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Most Awesome Co-Worker Strikes Again

And this time, I took it.

It needed a good home, OK?

Still not sure if I'll leave it elsewhere...or what I'll use it for, but I'm thinking it has to be a good cause. Or if there's something even more giving that I can do, even if it doesn't involve this sweet five-dollar bill, I have to do it. I'll be excited to do it.

Thank you, awesome co-worker. (I already told you yesterday that I love you.)

In addition to the sweetness of this one little act, it's really nice to work in a place where you look around and wonder, "Who is the nice person who's doing these things?" It makes you look at everyone as if they were the best possible versions of themselves; the most generous, kind-hearted, thoughtful and empathetic people in the world. That's a really nice gift. Even better than $5.

Monday, July 28, 2014

This Co-Worker Just Made Everyone's Monday

That's a five-dollar bill, y'all. Under a sweet note on the printer.

The best part? I've been back to that printer several times and NO ONE has taken the money. It seems everyone wants the next person to get it. I'd like to think we're all saving it for the next person who could really, really use that today.

Anonymous co-worker, I love you.

Now I must think of a way to pay this forward. Have any great ideas?

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Brown Sugar and Peaches: What Weekend Dreams Are Made Of

I had just gotten my daughter down for her nap yesterday, when I read this text from my sweet-as-can-be mother-in-law, who was hosting brunch for the family today.

"Think you'll have time to make that coffee cake again?"

Sure, I said, sure.

You see, it's just so easy. AND I had just bought 8oz of sour cream at the grocery store, without a particular use for it in mind.

So thank you, Cindy Harris of San Antonio, Texas, and Taste of Home, for this recipe.

I skipped the glaze and added 1 whole peach, diced, after combining the wet and dry ingredients. I also didn't find it necessary to alternate the sour cream and flour additions.
I used 1/2 tsp. of nutmeg instead of the whole teaspoon. Just because I haven't cooked with nutmeg all that much and I was a little nervous about the strong taste. But it wasn't strong, just enhanced the cake.

But come on, y'all. It's so simple. And so wonderful to fill your house with the smell of a cinnamon streusel warm from the oven. And then you get to the inside and it's all moist and peachy.

This was the second time I've made it, the first was with blueberries instead of peaches. Equally wonderful. I love adding fruit.

Gotta go. If you need me, I'll be dreaming about the piece I managed to save for tomorrow.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

What Keeps Me Zen: Early Bedtimes

I never, ever thought I'd be a mom who put her baby to bed super early and planned her life accordingly.

I remember rolling my eyes and mocking women who said they couldn't bring their child somewhere for fear of screwing up their routine.

Now, I know that fear. I know it well.

As the mother of a 6-month-old, I appreciate that routine as one of the things keeping me sane. Zen on a really good day. Her 8-o-clock bedtime allows me to unwind a little before bed. Have a glass of wine, even. Relax with my husband.

Tonight, I sat through less than one inning at the Milwaukee Brewers game (Lana's first). We had an adorably sweet old woman who was taken with Lana take our photo with the certificate that they gave us surprisingly unceremoniously.

I was home by 8:20. Lana was not happy. But she got to bed just an hour past bedtime. Not too bad.

So here I am, should-be-sleeping mama, typing away at her blog.
Should I blog when baby blogs?

I really do love blogging, though, guys. I have to encourage you all to start blogging if you have even the slightest inclination to do it. What's the worst that can happen? You create a new hobby for yourself that costs nothing?

That wasn't the point of this post. Anyway, you get the bedtime thing. The fear. The wonder that is a successful bedtime.

Not-the-mamas, bear with us. If you're really feeling nice (like I was not), save the eye-rolls.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

My Week as a Weather Forecast

With Monday having been so wet with tears due to a strong westerly wind blowing in the direction of Home, Tuesday is shaping up with a downright shitstorm as predicted. Heat waves have been observed in the Office area, with periods of strong gusts of shit, soaking plans and ruining career prospects.

Expect little to no free time the rest of the week. You'll see a 99% chance of the baby pee in the bathtub, repeating Monday's deluge. Highs will be in the moments you share before your daughter poops her pants, with that poop being significantly more solid than the average seen in her diaper. Lows will be in the realization that you forgot to plan for your husband's birthday. See that birthday start to blow in on Thursday, without a chance of bringing gifts that arrive on time and make it look like you planned ahead.

Expect no chance of making it look like you have your shit together.

However, conditions may start to change as a sweet gesture from a mother-in-law brings dinner and clean floors to your area.
Shitstorms will taper off as we head toward the weekend and get to spend more time with family, though we may see an occasional turd in the bathtub.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Hot Mommy Tip #1

This is what I hope to be the first of many hot tips. Tell yer friends.

My husband reminded me this morning to send emails to our daughter.

That's weird. Send emails to our 6-month-old daughter.

We created an account for her within days of bringing her home. It was my sister's idea. But really, it's a good one. This way, we can make her gmail account one that doesn't have a long string of numbers because we already "snatched" the name. 

This is all assuming that Gmail is still a thing when our daughter is a job-seeking adult. Who knows if email will even be a thing. Who knows, who knows.

But on top of just sort of reserving the email address for her, it's a great way to write her letters as she grows. They'll all be dated and saved in the "cloud" or whatever the hell. I hope she'll be happy about this someday.

So go ahead, make a gmail account for your baby. Send him or her letters of love or just things about your day. Maybe email is the new baby book.

(Just make sure you can remember the password. Oops.)