Sunday, May 11, 2014

You're Doing Great

It's primal.
You rush through your morning, getting baby ready, getting yourself (as) ready (as you can). Pump bag, packed. Bottles, washed. Diaper, changed. Extra baby clothes, at the ready.
You stop long enough to think, "I didn't pack myself a lunch." And your mind is already somewhere else.
You take the gamble, betting that there will be SOME kind of food you can mooch at work. On some level, you know, like every mother, that you can get by. That your baby comes absolutely first, even when you're not thinking, when you're rushing, when you're late for work. Even in these tiny moments that don't mean anything.
They all add up to motherhood. They do mean something. They mean everything. You're doing a beautiful job, mamas. Happy mother's day.

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