Sunday, August 3, 2014

No Recipe Needed: Perfect French Toast

Read on if you're into crispy, brownie, soft-in-the-middle French toast.
If not, I don't know if we should continue this charade.

The best part of French toast is that you don't really need a recipe. But I've failed at it a surprising (and embarrassing) number of times. Here's what I've found to be the keys:

Heat your oil. Medium heat at the highest. Oil > butter because it can stand the high heat and give you those crispy edges without over-browning. Don't let it go over medium (waka waka breakfast joke) or your last pieces will be French char.

More cream (or whole milk, or skim milk) than egg. Otherwise, you end up with some weird egg fried onto a piece of bread. And that's gross. Totally not what we're going for here.

Hint of vanilla, dash of cinnamon. 

Fry, baby, fry. Only let them go a couple of minutes. That's all they need.

SEE THE BUBBLES? For some sick reason that's my favorite part. Bubbles=success.

I got my taste for super fatty French toast from my childhood babysitter, Margaret. Picture the two smoking aunts on The Simpsons. She was wonderful, rest her soul, and had a penchant for lots of oil, perms, soap operas and chain-smoking.

If you're really out for the perfect French toast, use a day-old loaf of crusty French bread, baguette preferably, and slice it into little thick medallions. Mm. But if you're just home on a Sunday morning and really want some French toast, use whatever ya got. Same goes for the cream: Heavy whipping cream is best, but whole milk (or any milk) will sure do.

May your Sunday be filled with maple syrup and sunshine. xo

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